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Cybernetix Web Solutions' services include internet consultation, usability web planning, design, development and implementation. We assist clients in establishing an online presence, forming internet strategies, and developing online alliances to draw traffic to their web sites.

Our creative and technical expertise in creating tomorrow's web sites today is the answer for your company's needs. By merging basic marketing strategies with the vast array of technological abilities the Internet provides, we will create a web site that will showcase your company's products and services in such a way as to leave your competitors far behind.

Cybernetix Web Solutions's main area of emphasis is Web site development, which encompasses planning, design, production, programming, hosting, maintenance, and marketing. Our approach is simple: the site must be unique, attractive, functional, and easy to navigate. Content should be the driving force behind the site and graphics should be used to enhance the message, not interfere with it.
Your Web site is only of value if it is marketed properly. Cybernetix Web Solutions will market your site so that it can be found easily and receive maximum exposure. We can list your site on the many free advertising locations on the Internet. We can implement strategies to keep your site fresh and keep users returning as well show you ways to market it yourself. Many of our client's web sites have ranking in the first 10 sites on various search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and AltaVista.
Cybernetix Web Solutions can tell exactly which e-solution is best for your requirements. We can also recommend and set up computer hardware and software to make your business run as efficiently as possible. We have developed solutions for a cross-section of industries and we harness the experience gained from past projects to evolve and improve e-solutions models we build for our clients.
Cybernetix Web Solutions has extensive experience with instruction of graphic design, mastering desktop publishing software, HTML and JavaScript programming, and how to use the Internet to your advantage. We can also study your present infrastructure and train your employees to handle it more effectively.
The expense of hosting your own site can be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses. Cybernetix Web Solutions can host your site or recommend an Internet services provider (ISP) that is most convenient. If you already have an ISP, we will be happy to work with your provider.
It is in everyone's best interest to make sure your site is working properly. We routinely check links, make certain all graphics are loading correctly, and test the search engines to find your site. We evaluate your competitors' sites and offer suggestions for keeping your site current and ahead of the others. Cybernetix Web Solutions offers cost-effective maintenance packages to update the information on your site on a regular basis.