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In this section, Cybernetix Web Solutions focuses the latest technology or business buzzword of the day and tries to explain it in simple terms. Today we bring you WAP.
What is WAP?

The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an open, global specification that empowers mobile users with wireless devices (such as mobile phones and palm-tops) to easily access and interact with information and services instantly. The Wireless Markup Language (WML) is a programming language used for creating pages for wireless communication. WML is used to create WAP pages.

WAP adds a new dimension to the Internet - mobility. With a mobile phone or a handheld PC that supports WAP you can book tickets, order a pizza, check stock quotes while camping, get directions to the airport while in your car and check your bank account at any time. On the bus, on the beach, on the spot. WAP allows you to take the internet with you. The information is there when you need it. Search for news, weather forecasts and stock exchange rates if you want to be up-to-date. Play games, gamble and chat if you want entertainment.

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